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Welcome to a Work of Heart...

The Work of Heart Studio is a special place where you can thrive working individually, but not alone. An open space to learn, share, create, and grow.

My love for art started in the summer of 1988, at the age of 13 when I was able to join a children's art class at the American Academy of Art, located downtown across from the Art Institute of Chicago. 


It was there that I began to learn under Diane Rath, of blessed memory. Diane being passionate, serious, yet honest and kind was all heart. Diane taught discipline and the value of hard work through intense study and positivity. Art, if cared for and sought after, is to be taken seriously, head on, with confidence and excitement. True passion. There is no time to "dilly dally", no time to doubt yourself, there is too much good to see, too much good to do. 

Diane taught me how to see beyond the surface, beyond what is not necessary to focus on. Beyond my mind or self doubt, beyond any limitations. Learning and practicing classical art methodology and approach with Diane fed my desire for continuing to pursue excellence and to see the good in the search. All of which has guided me throughout the years way beyond my paint brush and canvas.

And so I welcome you to the Work of Heart Studio Highland Park, created with love and appreciation for the past, a desire for peace of mind in the present, and the excitement of all that can be made possible going forward.


Welcome to a Work of Heart,

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1891 2nd Street | Highland Park, IL | 60035

Tel: (847) 257-9747 |

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